This section is for content about the tutorial itself. If you want to get right unto U-SQL, you can skip this section completely.

How to Read this document

Set aside a day or two and just start reading each chapter in sequence. Every chapter introduces a simple topic. Don’t skip ahead. Each chapter builds on the one before it. When you are done with all the chapters you’ll have a good working knowledge of how to use U-SQL.

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Change log

  • 2017/08/28 - Updated SqlMap section
  • 2017/08/27 - Added a tip for generating ranges of numbers and dates
  • 2017/08/27 - Updated SqlArray section
  • 2017/08/26 - Fixed a few typos
  • 2017/07/23 - Added section on conditionally counting
  • 2017/07/18 - Improved sample for CREATE TABLE AS SELECT
  • 2017/07/11 - added DEPLOY RESOURCE section
  • 2017/07/02 - added string literals
  • 2017/07/02 - clarified aggregates
  • 2017/07/01 - started initial complex types chapter
  • 2017/07/01 - Added chapter on referencing assemblies
  • 2017/06/26 - Moved FileSets to its own chapter
  • 2017/06/25 - CSS customizations
  • 2017/06/24 - Updated Joins, Window functions, and Set ops
  • 2017/06/21 - First draft released

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