The U-SQL Catalog

The U-SQL Catalog is the way U-SQL organizes data and code for re-use and sharing.

The U-SQL Catalog metadata system

ADLA Account
      |  |--Tables
      |  |--Views      
      |  |--Table-valued functions
      |  |--Procedures
      |  |--Assemblies
      |  |--Credentials
      |  |--External Data Sources
  • Every ADLA account has a single U-SQL Catalog. The catalog cannot be deleted.
  • Each U-SQL Catalog contains one or more U-SQL Databases. Every catalog has a master database that cannot be deleted.
  • Each U-SQL Database can contain code and data.
  • Data is stored in the form of U-SQL tables.
  • U-SQL code is stored in a database in the form of Views, Table-valued functions, Procedures.
  • .NET code is stored in the database in the form on assemblies.

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